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FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2007

Buddy Guy, a living legend amongst many famous Blues artists and fans, is into his 7th decade on this earth along with his guitar, which was first played at the tender age of 5, and is now considered his best friend.

Buddy begins his set with “Going Down” while walking onto the stage whaling out scales and screaming high notes from his vintage, white Fender Stratocaster. Is it with any surprise that this infamous Blues man was awarded with a loud, standing ovation immediately following his intro? His crowd pleasing style goes along with true-aged Blues – with great feel as his fingers flowed across the fret board of his one, true companion, his guitar. Playing smooth, free flowing tunes with ease like “Dreams to Remember”, which turned into a medley of “Fever”, “Boom Boom” and “Voodoo Child”, Buddy continues to amaze audiences as he’s done for many years.

Near the end of his set, Buddy Guy decided to walk off the stage and into the audience, where he mesmerized fans up close and personal. While continuing to play, Buddy walked all around the bottom floor attempting to meet as many of his fans as possible and in a blink of an eye, he moved to the upper level to serenade more fans with screaming, high notes and gentle, caressing scales. Of course, special stops were made along his way whenever he spotted a beautiful woman in the crowd. A few of the lucky gals even got to strum his guitar for a few notes.

An hour and fifteen minutes into his set, the House of Blues was calling time on Mr. Guy. With great respect for his fans, Buddy Guy gave his thanks and left the stage. Upon his exit, the back up band was given the floor to show the crowd what they were made of by continuing to play and giving their best on riffs, scales and some great beats on the drums. On one remaining note, the band concluded the set with the audience cheering for more.

Eric Sardinas Boulder Blues Concert series 10-24-2007

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From Florida to Mississippi and all around the world, Eric Sardinas has probably shown the world that the blues can really rock. His Flare for strong slide whaling notes and ripping hard finger work, gives this man the style not too many can duplicate. Not having anything in stone as he starts the night off, except the fact he is ready to show his stuff.

With the Boulder station Railhead venue having some really great acoustic just adding to the great sound coming from the band. More often throughout the night, more of the locals were dancing to this muddy blues rock style sound and whistling high notes. His guitars obviously have many years and thousands of miles of travel on them. Brand could not be seen anywhere on them and the finish was really worn to the wood, the resonators were worn or tarnished with an aged metal finish.

Looking at the man on stage and seeing the deep emotion he brought out on every word and note. You can see how serious he takes his performance never holding back a single chance to make the strings cry or whale out with tremendous tone. By the time his first set came to and end Sardinas was in perspiration and exhaustion while his guitars were ready for a tuning.

With a chance to catch his breath for 45minutes, Sardinas came back out with a second wind. Giving another hour performance and showing his abilities as a real blues man.
Only thing I can say if you ever get a chance to catch Sardinas make it your plan to at least see him once and you will not be disappointed.

Gorgeous Frankenstein

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Jillian’s on Fremont Street – Las Vegas, NV

August 22, 2008

Less than a year ago, Gorgeous Frankenstein performed in Vegas at the House of Blues in support of Danzig. During that particular show, I heard that Doyle came on stage with Danzig and they did a twenty minute set of classic Misfits’ songs. Being an avid Misfits’ fan, needless to say I was disappointed to have missed that particular show. However, I was very happy to get a photo pass for tonight’s performance.

For this evening’s show, I was really impressed with Doyle’s choice of guitars: Multiple copies of an eerie, bat-shaped body with what looked like a single super demon pick up. These types of guitars give off an awesome graveyard type sound and squeal like bats leaving their cave for the night.

Doyle’s stage presence resembles an actual Frankenstein character, as he towers over the rest of his band mates with a six foot plus height. His wife, George, does the crowd control and keeps the fans’ energy up by dancing around on stage throughout the entire performance. Bassist and vocals man Argyle was trying to keep things in focus, but unfortunately, he kept having bass amp problems for the majority of the show. His vocals were outstanding, however, even during the Misfit tunes they played. Going from early Danzig days to later Michael Graves’ era, this was enough to bring back memories of the first time I ever heard those songs.

Joining Gorgeous Frankenstein this time around was Dr. Chud, Michael Graves’ era Misfits. I could hear his drumming but the structure of the drum set prevented me from getting any real good photos of him. Being able to say I actually got the chance to catch a piece of punk legend history is quite an accomplishment in my book. I still have high hopes that one day all of the original Misfits’ members will say “Let’s reunite and give our fans what they’re hungering for.”

Gorgeous Frankenstein

The Iconic Motorhead with Jerry Only of the Misfits

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House of Blues Las Vegas NV

Thursday, September 4, 2008,

Prior to show time, I was wondering how Jerry Only was going manage opening for Motorhead by pulling off classic Misfit vocals while keeping the crowd’s interest. I was willing to give him a listen to see how well he and the other members chosen for tonight’s Misfits’ cast would do. Jerry is the last original member of the Misfits, who are one of many bands striving to find just the right replacements. Doing a little research, I found that Robo was the Misfits’ drummer during the recording of “Earth A.D.”, which in my opinion brought the whole genre of thrash metal to a new level. After recording “Earth A.D.” and a few shows, the Misfits parted ways with Robo, until this evening. This evening’s Misfits’ line-up consisted of Jerry Only, Robo and Dez, who played in Black Flag for a while. Robo also played with Black Flag and I completely understand Jerry’s choices considering the band Black Flag has many loyal fans and a huge following in the punk community.

The legendary Motorhead, a band that created their own genre of music that is still debated to this day by many as to whether the actual genre is to be considered Punk Metal or just Metal. If you ask lead singer Lemmy Kilmister, he would probably tell you the same thing he tells the crowd when he gets up on stage: “We are Motorhead and we play fucken Rock n’ Roll”. Never forget that. And after tonight, you will probably have no problem remembering.”

Tonight was no different, except Lemmy and the band had a special guest this evening. Las Vegas’ own Dario Lorina had a chance to shine with the metal icons as they played “Killed by Death”. Dario came out strong and showed his stuff as a performer, proving to the crowd he was no rookie on stage. Motorhead played all the classics fans have come to know and love and ended the night with an amazing three-song encore that started off with “Whorehouse Blues”.

Sin city All-stars and Porn stars

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I get a call that the Sin City all-stars are playing at the after hours porn party. Lets see porn star and rock stars, there was just too much going on not to go. Catching the show there were a few members I recognized right away.

Brent Muscat on guitar (Faster Pussycat), Todd Kern Guitar and Vocals, Brent Fitz on drums (Vince Neil band), Dee on Bass (Marky Ramone band), Jizzy Pearl (Ratt’s replacement Singer), Phil Lewis (L.A. Guns), Louie Merlino Vocals,

Along with Ron Jeremy being the host of the evening giving a parade of female stars on the naughty screen. Each lady was given a brief moment of who she was and what she was well known for in the industry. As soon as the list of ladies where done Jeremy gave the stage to the group to take care of the music entertainment.

The band covered past hits from AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”, Faster Pussycat’s “House of Pain” To Motorheads “Ace of Spades”. With Lewis taking the mic near the end too covered some L.A. Guns stuff before the end of the night. Last song before the whole event was blown over came to the old favorite “Sin City” giving all the singers a peace of the action in the grand finally. With all this going on people starting shouting out other hit tunes for the band to play, but unfortunately this was the final call.

I really have to thank Geoff for this one, I had a long night and seeing great guitar player and racks, well I called it a great night.

Buck Cherry, Papa Roach and Hinder @ the Pearl Theater

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Bad Boyz Running Wild

The Pearl Theater, inside the Palms Casino, Las Vegas

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday night in the city of sin the weather was hot and the Pearl Theater was packed. First to perform were the wild men of Buck Cherry. As front man Josh Todd reaches for the wireless microphone, fellow band members began the set with “So Far”. Almost immediately, Todd had issues with his monitor and the volume throughout the arena. Keeping his cool as a true professional, he managed to work around the sound system’s glitch and everything was working perfectly by the second song.

Stevie D’s cool cat style and wild guitar action was a great part of the show and the entire time you could see a huge smile on his face, just like a young Eddie Van Halen enjoying his time on stage. Fellow guitarist and partner in crime Keith Nelson shows a more serious approach in his playing. With an intense grip on his Les Paul and shredding away at wire and wood, he and Stevie each had their own moments to shine in the lime light with back to back guitar leads controlling the stage.

Keeping the beat in the back ground, drummer Xavier Muriel and bassist Johnny Ashurst held the sound and rhythms together. Neither band member received much exposure being in background, but they sure do a great job of keeping the beat going and bringing thunder to the stage and arena. A few songs into the set and the fans can almost sense that the popular tune “Crazy Bitch” is next. In a very packed venue, the members of Buck Cherry played approximately 12 songs before it was time to make way for Papa Roach.

Following one hell of an act, Papa Roach arrived on stage and kept the energy going. Showing all the post punk fans that the night was just getting started, lead singer Jacoby Shaddix initiated the set with “To be Loved”. Guitarist Jerry Horton showed off his talents by whaling away on the fret board of his Gibson Les Paul and giving a true to form “rock star” performance.

Shaddix’s energizer bunny approach to getting the crowd’s attention seemed to be working quite well. He succeeded in having every woman on the floor area trying to reach out and touch him, which ultimately was setting their emotions and hormones on fire. With an ordinary stage, the band’s chosen backdrop would have been a great idea for a tattoo or album cover. The stage’s lighting provided total exposure over the entire area and the sounds coming from the stage were exceptional.

After Papa Roach, the road crew began setting up for Hinder. While this was happening in the background, Sweet Al and other on-air personalities from the rock station 92.3 KOMP came up on stage to conduct KOMP’s “Girl of the Year” contest. As each lady was brought up on stage one by one, the audience was given the opportunity to cast their votes for who they thought deserved the coveted title. Lots of female flesh was on display for all to see, which nothing less should be expected from a KOMP contest. These women really got the fans hyped up with some of their crazy antics. Once the winner was determined and crowned “Girl of the Year”, they cleared the stage, which turned into a kind of silent sauna.

Showing only shadows of the band members behind the glowing backdrop, Hinder began playing as the curtain plunged downward. The entire stage area was made up of aluminum triangular beams and plates with Cody Hansen’s drum set sitting in the center. Standing far stage right was guitarist Joe “Blower” Garvey and bassist Mike Rodden. Lead singer Austin Winkler stood center stage with guitarist Mark King to his left. For a few songs, the band had stools brought out and Hansen came out from behind his throne to play acoustic guitar on a heartfelt song, which then led into a piano being brought to the front of the stage for another tender felt song. You could see many couples in an embrace as Hinder continued playing some of their mellower and more romantic sounding songs.

Concluding the night was a two song encore beginning with “Running in the Rain” and then on to the classic “Get Stoned”. This was definitely a great night with three amazing bands performing their music on the same stage and putting on a great show for the people of Las Vegas. On a personal note, many thanks to Alissa and PR Plus for letting me be a part of this awesome night.4

Music Set List:

Buck Cherry

Papa Roach


  • So Far
  • Broken Glass
  • Porn Star
  • Fall
  • Out of Line
  • Everything
  • Sorry
  • Crazy Bitch
  • Next To You
  • Ridin
  • Onset
  • Lit Up
  • To be Loved
  • Murder
  • Time is Running Out
  • She Love Me Not
  • Forever
  • Dead Cell
  • Broken Home
  • Scars
  • Reckless
  • Angels and Insects
  • Last Resort
  • Room 21
  • Home Coming Queen
  • Bliss
  • By the Way
  • Nothing Good About Goodbye
  • Born to be Wild
  • Lips of an Angel
  • Better Then Me
  • one Night Stand
  • I Don’t Wanna Know
  • Get Stoned

Van Halen @ the Mandalay Event Center 04-19-2008

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With Tiger Woods stepping out on stage for a brief introduction and say thank you to all the attendance. Then without hesitation, he introduce one of the greatest bands of all time, Van Halen. Hitting the stage in full swing Alex, David, Eddie and the youngest member of the group, Edwards’s son Wolfgang. At the age of 16 getting to tour the world, playing in the legendary rock band that has made history even before he was born. From the start David voice was silky smooth and aged like a fine wine, only getting better in time. Edwards playing tonight seemed spot on, where he had control of his emotions and it showed as he played the night away.

Starting off with old classics as “you really got me”,”I’m the one” and “Romeos delight”, seemed just like yesterday when this was the first time you heard them all. To nights performance showed every member was in harmony with each other, giving David a platform to sore with his voice. As well, Eddie playing only amplified, as the night grew long.

Leading into “Atomic Punk”,”everybody wants some” and “pretty women” before the guys gave the stage too Alex for one extended drum solo. This brought the guys back to stage with a new intro to “unchained”, Wolfgang added in a little mix too the already popular bass line, giving it a beat and a half. Wolfgang showed more confidence this time around in Las Vegas from a prior show @ another venue earlier this year. His backing vocals really sounded out and let people know it was him on stage this time.

When the Van Halen clan took a break off the stage, David came out with an acoustic guitar to show his stuff in the spotlight for a few moments by himself. Taking a ride way back down the road of memory lane of years gone passed, when the group first started off. Talking about old friends, hanging out at one of there house sitting around and doing what teens do. Explaining about a friend name Kenny and how he helped launch a tune that became “ice cream man”, a classic with a mellow intro that rocked hard once the tempo picked up. So Dave lied in smooth on the beginning riff and kept the song balance until the mellow part was over, Edward and family hit the stage bringing up the tempo 10 fold, which gave Edwards a lot of room to fire hard on the audience with his riffs.

Breaking into “panama” giving the band another moment where Ed got his chance too shine, jamming into a well diverse guitar solo covering many style of scales. With out breaking his rhythm and holding his style in the limelight showing us he still had it. Hammer on and tapping away with lots of harmonics that held there notes until the next riff came in. using the volume knob too bring in some of those eerie notes that stain the imagination.

The worst part was knowning the end was coming, there encore started up with “ain’t talking about love” living the there smash hit “jump” from 1984. Only thing now was a second bow from the guys getting ready to leave the stage for good. In all there performance was a big hit with the fans, and I believe the second time around they showed more strength then the last time here. Eddie seemed to have it together much better and showed in his solo and stage presence. This was a show, if you had a chance to catch, know it was worth the money spent.

Thanks to the media staff at Tiger Jam for helping us be part of this event.

Scott Weiland @ the Aliante Casino Show room 05-22-2009

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Hard Eight @ Feelgoods night club 9-18-2010

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Shadows Fall @ Area 702 Skate Park 07-15-2010

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