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Apocalyptica @ Hous of Blues Las Vegas NV, 05-19-2008

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This cello driven band incorporates Metallica songs into their stage show, while playing an array from all eras of Metallica’s music.

Static-x @ House of Blues Las Vegas NV, 10-27-2007

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On a misty, darkened stage, there were only shadows of what was to come. In one thunderous blare, Static-X launched off with “Cannibal” for their opening. As flashes of bright rays moved to the beat of the drums, you were able to catch only glimpses of each band member. In a blink of an eye, they were performing on stage and in the next blink they were gone like ghost images in the night.

The band was in perfect sync with one another, similar to chess pieces moving across a board, switching positions and making their presence known to their opponent. However, in this scenario there was no opponent; just a crowd of people enjoying the show and wanting more. In ghoulish fashion, the band arranged for the lights to point directly at their faces. Once the stage went dark, this created an eerie feel of uncertainty and anticipation, which is exactly the effect Static-X strives to achieve. Throughout the entire show, the fact that Wayne’s hair did not fall or buckle with all the massive head thrusting he kept doing (comparable to a woodpecker) amazed me. I was impressed with Wayne’s guitar choice for the evening – a black, diamond plated ESP LTD Static-600 model, which is his own design that ESP created for him.

As people were being shoved against the barrier of the stage, others were in the background moshing to the blunt-force beat sounds of “Dirt House”, “Shitbag” and “Loser”. With the House of Blues filled to capacity, the crowd’s body heat made the place feel more like a sauna than a concert venue. As if this was not enough to heighten the aggression level, the crowd really went wild once the band segued into their more destructive tunes like “No Submission”, “Destroy All”, “Black + White” and concluded with “This is Not”, which lead to a brief break for the band. Considering the band’s break took place close to 9:45 p.m. and the House of Blues rules state all age shows are required to end promptly at 10:00 p.m., No Exceptions, it was a very, brief break.

Static-X members took their positions on stage beginning their encore with “Love Dump” leading into another favorite “Push It”, and ending the set with “Get to the Gone”. Following each encore song, Wayne Static bestowed a very grateful thank you to the crowd. Exactly 10:00 p.m. sharp, all the band members took a bow and thanked the crowd for coming while simultaneously throwing guitar picks and drum sticks out to the departing audience.

Paul Di’ Anno & Friends @ the Cheyenne Saloon Las Vegas NV

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Genitorturers Hustlers and Strippers Ball

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New Orleans Arena, August 31, 2008

Flamboyant as can be within state laws, Gen, the lead vocalist, performed her normal routine for the crowd. With explicit, sexually charged visuals consisting of sodomy, homosexuality, bondage, etc., she and her ‘servants’ pushed the limits to give the crowd nothing less than what was expected, and then some.

Even with all the sexual content and behavior happening up on the stage, Genitorturers sound and Gen’s vocals were still amazing in this large arena. This was a great venue for their show and a real treat for fans that were able to attend.

Hard Eight @ Feelgoods night club 9-18-2010

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Shadows Fall @ Area 702 Skate Park 07-15-2010

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Double Barrel Diplomacy @ Cheyenne Saloon Las Vegas NV 12-17-2010

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Rock the block 07-23-2010

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Thrash and Burn Tour

Five Finger Death Punch @ House of Blues 06-28-2008

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