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The Casualties @ The Celebrity Theater 8-22-06

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Back when the Celebrity Theater use to have all age shows here in Las Vegas NV.

Social Distortion @ Breeze Park Las Vegas NV, 7-03-06

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Gorgeous Frankenstein

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Jillian’s on Fremont Street – Las Vegas, NV

August 22, 2008

Less than a year ago, Gorgeous Frankenstein performed in Vegas at the House of Blues in support of Danzig. During that particular show, I heard that Doyle came on stage with Danzig and they did a twenty minute set of classic Misfits’ songs. Being an avid Misfits’ fan, needless to say I was disappointed to have missed that particular show. However, I was very happy to get a photo pass for tonight’s performance.

For this evening’s show, I was really impressed with Doyle’s choice of guitars: Multiple copies of an eerie, bat-shaped body with what looked like a single super demon pick up. These types of guitars give off an awesome graveyard type sound and squeal like bats leaving their cave for the night.

Doyle’s stage presence resembles an actual Frankenstein character, as he towers over the rest of his band mates with a six foot plus height. His wife, George, does the crowd control and keeps the fans’ energy up by dancing around on stage throughout the entire performance. Bassist and vocals man Argyle was trying to keep things in focus, but unfortunately, he kept having bass amp problems for the majority of the show. His vocals were outstanding, however, even during the Misfit tunes they played. Going from early Danzig days to later Michael Graves’ era, this was enough to bring back memories of the first time I ever heard those songs.

Joining Gorgeous Frankenstein this time around was Dr. Chud, Michael Graves’ era Misfits. I could hear his drumming but the structure of the drum set prevented me from getting any real good photos of him. Being able to say I actually got the chance to catch a piece of punk legend history is quite an accomplishment in my book. I still have high hopes that one day all of the original Misfits’ members will say “Let’s reunite and give our fans what they’re hungering for.”

Gorgeous Frankenstein

The Iconic Motorhead with Jerry Only of the Misfits

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House of Blues Las Vegas NV

Thursday, September 4, 2008,

Prior to show time, I was wondering how Jerry Only was going manage opening for Motorhead by pulling off classic Misfit vocals while keeping the crowd’s interest. I was willing to give him a listen to see how well he and the other members chosen for tonight’s Misfits’ cast would do. Jerry is the last original member of the Misfits, who are one of many bands striving to find just the right replacements. Doing a little research, I found that Robo was the Misfits’ drummer during the recording of “Earth A.D.”, which in my opinion brought the whole genre of thrash metal to a new level. After recording “Earth A.D.” and a few shows, the Misfits parted ways with Robo, until this evening. This evening’s Misfits’ line-up consisted of Jerry Only, Robo and Dez, who played in Black Flag for a while. Robo also played with Black Flag and I completely understand Jerry’s choices considering the band Black Flag has many loyal fans and a huge following in the punk community.

The legendary Motorhead, a band that created their own genre of music that is still debated to this day by many as to whether the actual genre is to be considered Punk Metal or just Metal. If you ask lead singer Lemmy Kilmister, he would probably tell you the same thing he tells the crowd when he gets up on stage: “We are Motorhead and we play fucken Rock n’ Roll”. Never forget that. And after tonight, you will probably have no problem remembering.”

Tonight was no different, except Lemmy and the band had a special guest this evening. Las Vegas’ own Dario Lorina had a chance to shine with the metal icons as they played “Killed by Death”. Dario came out strong and showed his stuff as a performer, proving to the crowd he was no rookie on stage. Motorhead played all the classics fans have come to know and love and ended the night with an amazing three-song encore that started off with “Whorehouse Blues”.

G.B.H. Area702 Skate Park 06-24-2010

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