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Y & T Bassist Phil Kennemore passes away at age 57

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He died early Friday morning Jan. 7, 2011 of lung cancer. Kennemore passed away at Stanford Hospital in California while surrounded by family members.

AVN Convention at the Sand Expo Las Vegas NV 2011

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Today was the open day for the AVN convention here in Las Vegas NV. With the shows vendors dwindling in number over the last two years. Fans still showed up in great crowds to catch this once a year event.

Meatheads Open Mic Night

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AVN Convention 01-09_12-2008

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3 Doors Down @ CES Convention 01-19-2007

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Star of the Desert Arena – Primm, Nevada

The Star of the Desert Arena, located in Primm, Nevada, was the stage for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Outside of the arena, it was a typical hot, summer day in Nevada and the heat followed to the inside once Joan Jett took the stage. As she walked on stage with her charming, confident smile, Joan began preparing herself and the band with her usual queue choice of music, letting the crowd know the show was about to start.

The set opened with a few old favorites; “Bad Reputation”, “Cherry Bomb” and “Light of Day”, as fans made their way towards the stage for a better view. As I was scanning the audience, I could see people singing and dancing along with the music, embracing every word, and based on Joan’s facial expressions, she was accomplishing her goal in getting the most out of the audience. The crowd’s age group ranged from early teens to senior citizens. There was even a young lady present that could have been Joan Jett’s twin back in the day.

The band kept the crowd hopping as they segued into hits like “Do You Want to Touch Me” and gained a more personal touch with songs like “Naked”, “Fetish” and “Riddles”. There were a few moments when Joan gave the crowd some insight regarding how some of the songs came about. In doing so, essentially becoming personal with the crowd and letting them know she was human and no stranger to the deep thoughts all of us are vulnerable to from time to time.

Of course the performance included some of the most well known hits of the 80’s – “I Love Rock n’ Roll” and “Crimson and Clover”. I must say the sound system in this venue contributed very well to Ms. Jett’s distinctive voice. There was no over-powering bass or to much on the high end that throws the crowd off from hearing the real music.

Approaching the encore, Joan Jett ended with “I Hate Myself for Loving You”. Immediately following, the crowd began chanting and stomping the floor asking for more, while roadies rushed to the stage to ensure all the instruments were in tune for the climax of the show. Just a few moments into the break, the band took to the stage for the encore. The encore began with “A.C.D.C.” and finished with “Wild One” and you could feel the energy the crowd was projecting onto the stage. In conclusion, Joan signaled the crowd the end has come by holding her guitar high up in the air. She gratefully thanked the audience and humbly exited the stage.

Buck Cherry @ the Empire ballroom Las Vegas NV, 10-10-06

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Genitorturers Hustlers and Strippers Ball

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New Orleans Arena, August 31, 2008

Flamboyant as can be within state laws, Gen, the lead vocalist, performed her normal routine for the crowd. With explicit, sexually charged visuals consisting of sodomy, homosexuality, bondage, etc., she and her ‘servants’ pushed the limits to give the crowd nothing less than what was expected, and then some.

Even with all the sexual content and behavior happening up on the stage, Genitorturers sound and Gen’s vocals were still amazing in this large arena. This was a great venue for their show and a real treat for fans that were able to attend.


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FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2007

Buddy Guy, a living legend amongst many famous Blues artists and fans, is into his 7th decade on this earth along with his guitar, which was first played at the tender age of 5, and is now considered his best friend.

Buddy begins his set with “Going Down” while walking onto the stage whaling out scales and screaming high notes from his vintage, white Fender Stratocaster. Is it with any surprise that this infamous Blues man was awarded with a loud, standing ovation immediately following his intro? His crowd pleasing style goes along with true-aged Blues – with great feel as his fingers flowed across the fret board of his one, true companion, his guitar. Playing smooth, free flowing tunes with ease like “Dreams to Remember”, which turned into a medley of “Fever”, “Boom Boom” and “Voodoo Child”, Buddy continues to amaze audiences as he’s done for many years.

Near the end of his set, Buddy Guy decided to walk off the stage and into the audience, where he mesmerized fans up close and personal. While continuing to play, Buddy walked all around the bottom floor attempting to meet as many of his fans as possible and in a blink of an eye, he moved to the upper level to serenade more fans with screaming, high notes and gentle, caressing scales. Of course, special stops were made along his way whenever he spotted a beautiful woman in the crowd. A few of the lucky gals even got to strum his guitar for a few notes.

An hour and fifteen minutes into his set, the House of Blues was calling time on Mr. Guy. With great respect for his fans, Buddy Guy gave his thanks and left the stage. Upon his exit, the back up band was given the floor to show the crowd what they were made of by continuing to play and giving their best on riffs, scales and some great beats on the drums. On one remaining note, the band concluded the set with the audience cheering for more.

Eric Sardinas Boulder Blues Concert series 10-24-2007

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From Florida to Mississippi and all around the world, Eric Sardinas has probably shown the world that the blues can really rock. His Flare for strong slide whaling notes and ripping hard finger work, gives this man the style not too many can duplicate. Not having anything in stone as he starts the night off, except the fact he is ready to show his stuff.

With the Boulder station Railhead venue having some really great acoustic just adding to the great sound coming from the band. More often throughout the night, more of the locals were dancing to this muddy blues rock style sound and whistling high notes. His guitars obviously have many years and thousands of miles of travel on them. Brand could not be seen anywhere on them and the finish was really worn to the wood, the resonators were worn or tarnished with an aged metal finish.

Looking at the man on stage and seeing the deep emotion he brought out on every word and note. You can see how serious he takes his performance never holding back a single chance to make the strings cry or whale out with tremendous tone. By the time his first set came to and end Sardinas was in perspiration and exhaustion while his guitars were ready for a tuning.

With a chance to catch his breath for 45minutes, Sardinas came back out with a second wind. Giving another hour performance and showing his abilities as a real blues man.
Only thing I can say if you ever get a chance to catch Sardinas make it your plan to at least see him once and you will not be disappointed.