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FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2007

Buddy Guy, a living legend amongst many famous Blues artists and fans, is into his 7th decade on this earth along with his guitar, which was first played at the tender age of 5, and is now considered his best friend.

Buddy begins his set with “Going Down” while walking onto the stage whaling out scales and screaming high notes from his vintage, white Fender Stratocaster. Is it with any surprise that this infamous Blues man was awarded with a loud, standing ovation immediately following his intro? His crowd pleasing style goes along with true-aged Blues – with great feel as his fingers flowed across the fret board of his one, true companion, his guitar. Playing smooth, free flowing tunes with ease like “Dreams to Remember”, which turned into a medley of “Fever”, “Boom Boom” and “Voodoo Child”, Buddy continues to amaze audiences as he’s done for many years.

Near the end of his set, Buddy Guy decided to walk off the stage and into the audience, where he mesmerized fans up close and personal. While continuing to play, Buddy walked all around the bottom floor attempting to meet as many of his fans as possible and in a blink of an eye, he moved to the upper level to serenade more fans with screaming, high notes and gentle, caressing scales. Of course, special stops were made along his way whenever he spotted a beautiful woman in the crowd. A few of the lucky gals even got to strum his guitar for a few notes.

An hour and fifteen minutes into his set, the House of Blues was calling time on Mr. Guy. With great respect for his fans, Buddy Guy gave his thanks and left the stage. Upon his exit, the back up band was given the floor to show the crowd what they were made of by continuing to play and giving their best on riffs, scales and some great beats on the drums. On one remaining note, the band concluded the set with the audience cheering for more.

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