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Buck Cherry, Papa Roach and Hinder @ the Pearl Theater

December 28, 2010  //  Posted by: admin  //  Category: GOOD OLE ROCK N' ROLL

Bad Boyz Running Wild

The Pearl Theater, inside the Palms Casino, Las Vegas

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday night in the city of sin the weather was hot and the Pearl Theater was packed. First to perform were the wild men of Buck Cherry. As front man Josh Todd reaches for the wireless microphone, fellow band members began the set with “So Far”. Almost immediately, Todd had issues with his monitor and the volume throughout the arena. Keeping his cool as a true professional, he managed to work around the sound system’s glitch and everything was working perfectly by the second song.

Stevie D’s cool cat style and wild guitar action was a great part of the show and the entire time you could see a huge smile on his face, just like a young Eddie Van Halen enjoying his time on stage. Fellow guitarist and partner in crime Keith Nelson shows a more serious approach in his playing. With an intense grip on his Les Paul and shredding away at wire and wood, he and Stevie each had their own moments to shine in the lime light with back to back guitar leads controlling the stage.

Keeping the beat in the back ground, drummer Xavier Muriel and bassist Johnny Ashurst held the sound and rhythms together. Neither band member received much exposure being in background, but they sure do a great job of keeping the beat going and bringing thunder to the stage and arena. A few songs into the set and the fans can almost sense that the popular tune “Crazy Bitch” is next. In a very packed venue, the members of Buck Cherry played approximately 12 songs before it was time to make way for Papa Roach.

Following one hell of an act, Papa Roach arrived on stage and kept the energy going. Showing all the post punk fans that the night was just getting started, lead singer Jacoby Shaddix initiated the set with “To be Loved”. Guitarist Jerry Horton showed off his talents by whaling away on the fret board of his Gibson Les Paul and giving a true to form “rock star” performance.

Shaddix’s energizer bunny approach to getting the crowd’s attention seemed to be working quite well. He succeeded in having every woman on the floor area trying to reach out and touch him, which ultimately was setting their emotions and hormones on fire. With an ordinary stage, the band’s chosen backdrop would have been a great idea for a tattoo or album cover. The stage’s lighting provided total exposure over the entire area and the sounds coming from the stage were exceptional.

After Papa Roach, the road crew began setting up for Hinder. While this was happening in the background, Sweet Al and other on-air personalities from the rock station 92.3 KOMP came up on stage to conduct KOMP’s “Girl of the Year” contest. As each lady was brought up on stage one by one, the audience was given the opportunity to cast their votes for who they thought deserved the coveted title. Lots of female flesh was on display for all to see, which nothing less should be expected from a KOMP contest. These women really got the fans hyped up with some of their crazy antics. Once the winner was determined and crowned “Girl of the Year”, they cleared the stage, which turned into a kind of silent sauna.

Showing only shadows of the band members behind the glowing backdrop, Hinder began playing as the curtain plunged downward. The entire stage area was made up of aluminum triangular beams and plates with Cody Hansen’s drum set sitting in the center. Standing far stage right was guitarist Joe “Blower” Garvey and bassist Mike Rodden. Lead singer Austin Winkler stood center stage with guitarist Mark King to his left. For a few songs, the band had stools brought out and Hansen came out from behind his throne to play acoustic guitar on a heartfelt song, which then led into a piano being brought to the front of the stage for another tender felt song. You could see many couples in an embrace as Hinder continued playing some of their mellower and more romantic sounding songs.

Concluding the night was a two song encore beginning with “Running in the Rain” and then on to the classic “Get Stoned”. This was definitely a great night with three amazing bands performing their music on the same stage and putting on a great show for the people of Las Vegas. On a personal note, many thanks to Alissa and PR Plus for letting me be a part of this awesome night.4

Music Set List:

Buck Cherry

Papa Roach


  • So Far
  • Broken Glass
  • Porn Star
  • Fall
  • Out of Line
  • Everything
  • Sorry
  • Crazy Bitch
  • Next To You
  • Ridin
  • Onset
  • Lit Up
  • To be Loved
  • Murder
  • Time is Running Out
  • She Love Me Not
  • Forever
  • Dead Cell
  • Broken Home
  • Scars
  • Reckless
  • Angels and Insects
  • Last Resort
  • Room 21
  • Home Coming Queen
  • Bliss
  • By the Way
  • Nothing Good About Goodbye
  • Born to be Wild
  • Lips of an Angel
  • Better Then Me
  • one Night Stand
  • I Don’t Wanna Know
  • Get Stoned

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