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Eric Sardinas Boulder Blues Concert series 10-24-2007

December 30, 2010  //  Posted by: admin  //  Category: GOOD OLE ROCK N' ROLL

From Florida to Mississippi and all around the world, Eric Sardinas has probably shown the world that the blues can really rock. His Flare for strong slide whaling notes and ripping hard finger work, gives this man the style not too many can duplicate. Not having anything in stone as he starts the night off, except the fact he is ready to show his stuff.

With the Boulder station Railhead venue having some really great acoustic just adding to the great sound coming from the band. More often throughout the night, more of the locals were dancing to this muddy blues rock style sound and whistling high notes. His guitars obviously have many years and thousands of miles of travel on them. Brand could not be seen anywhere on them and the finish was really worn to the wood, the resonators were worn or tarnished with an aged metal finish.

Looking at the man on stage and seeing the deep emotion he brought out on every word and note. You can see how serious he takes his performance never holding back a single chance to make the strings cry or whale out with tremendous tone. By the time his first set came to and end Sardinas was in perspiration and exhaustion while his guitars were ready for a tuning.

With a chance to catch his breath for 45minutes, Sardinas came back out with a second wind. Giving another hour performance and showing his abilities as a real blues man.
Only thing I can say if you ever get a chance to catch Sardinas make it your plan to at least see him once and you will not be disappointed.

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